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Here is a guide to typical servicing work and cost.

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Gears service

Gears typically need the cables changing every so often and are between £15-20 per cable, that includes the inners and outers, the fitting, and setting up of your indexing.

If you've done lots of miles you may be ready for a chain and cassette, and maybe chainrings, this can cost between £45 to £120.

If you've used your bike plenty and had it many years the a full drivetrain maybe needed inc all the above and a bottom bracket, all that maybe £150-£250.

Brakes service

If you just need some brake pads fitting then they typically cost £12 per end for rim brakes and £20-£25 for disc brakes.

If your disc brakes are feeling spongy then a bleed and pads may be needed so budget  an additional £15 per brake for the bleed.

Squealing disc brakes can be a pain and are often due to contaminated discs and pads. To replace these it is normally £35-£50 per end, however, if they are lower end brakes its often more economical to replace the entire brake, rotor and mounts as they are start at £60 for a pair including fitting. 

Specialist jobs

We are often asked to undertake many bike related jobs from suspension set-up and servicing to full custom bike builds. 

We are happy to quote you for these jobs, big or small, however, we are not that excited about fitting your internet purchased parts.

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